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Shining Force III Walkthrough - Scenario 1 -
NPCs and Advisors

This is a list of the NPCs and advisors in Scenario 1. Some of these characters are bad guys but they are listed here instead of the enemies section, as you don't fight them in scenario 1.

Warning: These profiles may include spoilers.

Benetram acts as the force's advisor from the beginning of the game until the end of chapter 3 where he leaves the force to stay in Aspia. He is the head of the Republic of Aspia and an intuitive man - he knows far more than he is willing to let on.
When Benetram leaves the force, Dantares takes up the position of tactician for Synbios' battalion until they reach Lookover Tower.
Palsis joins the force as the advisor when they reach Lookover Tower and save him from Fiale. Duke Palsis is also responsible for concocting the plan to destroy the Colossus in Aspia.
Edmund is a loyal general to the Republic who offers his forces as a decoy at the start of the game to help Benetram escape Saraband. However, his views have changed the next time you meet him.
Tybalt is another Republican general who was attending the Saraband peace conference. However, when chaos broke out he joined forces with Edmund to help Benetram escape the city.
Second in power in the Republic only to Benetram, Brutus governs the territory of Baersol. Although he has a strong position within Aspia, Brutus' actions are suspicious indeed.
The Emperor Domaric, whose ambition to retake Aspia for the Empire still burns strongly, is kidnapped by the Bulzome cult in Saraband causing a chaotic war to break out.
The real kidnapper of Emperor Domaric, the real identity of the impostor is revealed to be Fiale of Bulzome, however, his disguise causes the Empire to believe that Benetram kidnapped Domaric and makes them attack the Republic.
Garosh is a member of the Saraband Bridge Guards and realises that the impostor isn't the real Benetram - because of this, Garosh becomes a target of the Bulzome sect.
General Crewart of the Empire dispatches his troops to pursue Synbios and Benetram into Balsamo in order to stop their escape. Although he is an Imperial General, there is something strange about Crewart and his motives. . .
Mageron is the crown prince of the Destonian Empire and is thus the heir to Domaric's throne. Mageron is more stable than his brother, Arrawnt, and is treated considerably better than Medion, the third prince of the Empire.
Varlant is a general in the Republican army, and one that despises the Empire absolutely. He arrives near Balsamo to defend Benetram when the conference breaks down but ends up fighting a losing battle against general Spiriel, which breaks his resolve. . .
Bernard is a member of the Imperial army, reporting to General Rogan. He was tied up in Balsamo by the Bulzome cult for discovering their secret about the peace conference. However, he was fooled by the impostor's disguise and holds a grudge against Benetram and Republic.
Dessheren is one of the four of Bulzome along with Basanda, Fiale and Goriate. Synbios' force meets her in Balsamo along with the other three where Benetram uncovers their plot to destroy the peace negotiations.
Another of the four of Bulzome, Goriate commands power over the element of wind.
The king of the Vandals, Galm, is the same Vandal who Julian has been tracking for much of his life. Despite being a being of supreme evil, Galm doesn't share the same interests as Bulzome and the malicious sect in plunging the world into terror.
Conrad is Synbios' father and one of the key figures in the War of Independence of 20 years earlier when Aspia was formed. His illness prevents him from attending the Saraband peace conference so Synbios takes his place there. Conrad's power within the Republic also makes him a target of the Bulzome sect. . .
Synbios' brother-in-law, Tristus, is the lord of Malorie - the territories to the north of Aspia. He is a reliable man who is well respected within Aspia's government.
Margaret is Synbios' elder sister who married Tristus of Malorie and lives there with her husband. She is a loving sister to Synbios and worries about him a lot, something not helped by Synbios' recklessness.
Algernon is the only child of Tristus and Margaret and is thus very important to Malorie's future and to his parents - a fact that is used against them when he is kidnapped.
Yasha is Emperor Domaric's personal ninja, operating as a spy and assassin for the Emperor.