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Shining Force III Walkthrough - Scenario 1 -

MonkMaster MonkScenario 3

Magic learning chart:
Monk Class
Level 5 - Tornado Lv1
Level 8 - Heal Lv2
Level 14 - Tornado Lv2
Master Monk Class
Level 2 - Tornado Lv2
Level 4 - Resist Lv1
Level 7 - Heal Lv3
Level 10 - Tornado Lv3
Level 12 - Resist Lv2
Level 15 - Heal Lv4
Level 19 - Tornado Lv4
Initial Stats
Initial Equipment
Cloth GloveMedical Herb
Equippable Weapons
Glove, Claw, Cestus
Magic Resistance
BP = Before Promotion|AP= After Promotion
Friendship Support - Counter
Friendship Support - Magic Resist

Irene - Tactics

General Tactics

Irene is a competent all-round fighter with good attack and defence (although not the best), and high agility. On top of this she also has a great balance of magic spells. As with other magic-using characters, make sure to empty Irene's MP by the end of a battle so that she can get maximum experience out of her healing spells. Irene's attack and defence starts off pretty low so keep her protected at first, but as her levels rise so too do these statistics. If you don't want to have more than one monk in your force, I recommend keeping Irene and ditching Kahn as, although Kahn's attack is slightly better with higher levels, Irene has a much better selection of spells - and a much better voice ;).

Magic and Magic Resistance

Irene has a good balance between attack, support and healing magic with her complement of spells. Tornado provides cheap, intermediate damage which is useful as Irene doesn't have tons of MP and doesn't need all her MP being sucked away by a powerful attack spell. Heal and resist are great spells also, heal for boosting Irene's levels and resist for increasing the magic resistance of those characters how need it - such as Obright.

Although Irene uses magic, her magic resistance is pretty poor so she could use the benefits of her own resist spell ;).

Weapons and Equipment

In scenario 1, gloves are the best weapons to equip Irene with as they give the best bonuses and boost magic power by the most. However, by scenario 3, the Aura Knuckle boosts magic by just as much as the Kokyuto's Glove and offers better magic resistance boosts, so train Irene up with cestus' as well if you plan to continue onto scenario 3. Carry a Spark Glove or two around as well as you can use it to cast Spark level 2.

For accessories, a Power Ring, Master Ring or Artemis Pin are all worth equipping on Irene to boost either attack/defence, critical or counter.