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Shining Force III Walkthrough - Scenario 1 -

PriestClericScenario 3

Magic learning chart:
Priest Class
Level 1 - Heal Lv1
Level 4 - Antidote Lv1
Level 7 - Heal Lv2
Level 10 - Antidote Lv2
Level 17 - Heal Lv3
Cleric Class
Level 5 - Heal Lv3
Level 7 - Aura Lv1
Level 12 - Heal Lv4
Level 14 - Aura Lv2
Level 18 - Aura Lv3
Level 23 - Aura Lv4
Bishop class (scenario 3 only)
Level 3 - Aura Lv4
Initial Stats
Initial Equipment
Wooden RodMedical Herb
Antidote Herb
Equippable Weapons
Rod, Wand, Ankh
Magic Resistance
BP = Before Promotion|AP= After Promotion
Friendship Support - Magic Resist
Friendship Support - Luck

Grace - Tactics

General Tactics

Grace is the force's healer but because of that you'd expect her to be pretty weak. Well, guess again, Grace is one of the most surprisingly strong and effective characters in scenario 1. Her attack starts out pretty high, almost as good as Synbios' at the start of the game, but although it decreases in comparison with other characters during the game if you use Grace effectively her levels will be high enough to cancel out the difference. Unlike physical attacks which give less experience the weaker the enemy is, healing gives standard exp depending on how much health is healed, but the lowest exp you generally get (even for healing 1 HP) is around 9 - 11 exp. So, for every 10 times you cast heal level 1 on an ally (and heal them) Grace will go up a level. Make sure you use every last drop of Grace's MP in battles and her levels will shoot up. With high levels, Grace will be able to heal and fight competently in battles equally.

Magic and Magic Resistance

Heal is great, and Antidote is useful in tricky situations, but when Grace learns Aura is when she really shines. Aura is great not only to heal multiple characters HP but also to build Grace's friendship levels with the other characters. The worst spell Grace has is easily Heal level 4, it just isn't worth 20 MP to fully recover a character's HP when a level 3 heal should pretty much top up their HP, even if they've lots a lot of HP. Avoid Heal level 4 like the plague.

Being magically inclined, Grace's magic resistance is all good apart from dark resistance, therefore keep her away from enemies with that element of magic and boost her luck so that soul stealers don't kill her.

Weapons and Equipment

Although Grace starts the game equipped with a rod; she is most proficient with ankhs and begins the game with the ankh at level 1 (although you can't actually buy an ankh until chapter 2). If you want to boost Grace's dark resistance up by a bit, equip the Mitra Ankh at the end of the game as it boosts it by 10 (and also boosts light resistance by 20) as well as giving her the Thanatos spell. Personally though I prefer to equip Grace with the Tornado Ankh as it gives the Tornado spell. This provides Grace with a spell, which although not brilliantly strong, is cheap enough to make its use at level 4 as an attack spell worthwhile. Although Thanatos is much stronger, it costs far too much MP to be worth it in my opinion, especially when most of Grace's MP should go towards healing, and not attack, spells.

After the ruins in battle #5 of chapter 1, give the Life Ring to Grace as it will boost her defence and allow her to recover 2 MP a turn, giving her ample support in surviving tough enemy attacks. By the end of the game though, the Steel Tiara is the best accessory for Grace in my opinion because not only does it raise defence by 7 and luck by 2 but it also recovers 2 MP a turn.