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Shining Force III Walkthrough - Scenario 1 -

This is a list of the boss-type enemies in Scenario 1 - those that have some significance to the storyline and plot developments.

Warning: These profiles may include spoilers.

Shiraf is the leader of the Dusty Village bandits and in the chaos brought on by the collapse of the peace negotiations he dispatches his thieves around the continent to steal treasures un-noticed. The convenience of these happenings though, seems to suggest that Shiraf is involved somehow in the breakdown of the conference.
Abdark is an inferior vandal who rules over the ghost town of Quonus, controlling the populace with a curse, which turns them into Kyon-Shi during the night hours. His power, however, has no comparison to that of a real vandal.
Franz is a respected Imperial General and is engaged to Spiriel. Unfortunately, due to Basanda's meddling, his fiancée contributes greatly to his defeat.
Spiriel is an aggressive Imperial General who commands a strong and efficient army. After defeating General Varlant though, Spiriel is brainwashed by Basanda and destroys the Guardian Statue of Elbesem for Bulzome.
A general in the Imperial army, Garzel lacks honour but has plentiful resources of sneakiness. He joins forces with Edmund - when he betrays Aspia - but double-crosses the Republican general and sends him plummeting into Barrand rapids.
While Benetram was away in Saraband during the peace negotiations, Fafhard was left in charge back in Aspia. During this time Fafhard learned of the Republic's food problems and suspected Benetram and Conrad to be hiding a fortune from the people which caused him to take matters into his own hands and invade the Flagard territories.
Fiale is one of the four of Bulzome and is a very devious character, constantly causing problems for Synbios and the Republic.
Wilmer is the captain of Malorie's guards but, during Aspinia's direst hour, he locks Tristus up in Malorie castle and prepares to mobilise Malorie's army himself. Although his actions make him seem like a traitor, Wilmer took his course of action in an attempt to save Lord Algernon who had been kidnapped by Braff.
Braff is the son of the Bulzome priest Basanda and General Fafhard of the Republic, and after his father's death becomes the ally of his mother and stands against the Synbios army. Basanda saves his life and takes him with her to Remotest.
Basanda is one of the four of Bulzome, the wife of General Fafhard and Braff's mother. She brainwashes the Imperial general Spiriel and possesses the staff that controls the Colossus, and causes many problems for Synbios's army by standing in their way.
The Colossus is an ancient weapon used in the time of Bulzome's reign over the lands that are now controlled by Destonia and Aspia. The Bulzome sect unearthed the giant warrior and used it as a weapon against Aspia.
Arrawnt is the selfish and ambitious second prince of the Empire, and Prince Medion's older brother. He wants the throne of the Empire at any cost and allies himself with the Bulzome cult to get it, invading Aspia with General Garvin but finally falling to Synbios's army.